Acrylic Sheets

Exceptional Acrylic Sheets Australia

Looking for an alternative to glass? Check out our range of clear acrylic sheets! Our transparent plastic sheets are perfect for a variety of applications.

Clear Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets provide unparalleled versatility and are simple to fabricate, glue, and bend without the use of specialised tooling. Clear Perspex acrylic sheets, sometimes called Perspex or plexiglass, are translucent plastic sheets with exceptional clarity and tensile strength.

Acrylic Sheets – Cut to Size, Fabricated, Delivered

Acrylic sheets are a great product perfect for DIY projects or as a replacement for glass. Plastic Direct is the best place to purchase acrylic sheets in Australia, with a large selection of sizes, various thicknesses and colours available. These full sheets are UV stable and can be bent, custom cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools making them ideal for applications like greenhouses and skylights. 

Durable, Strong, and Reliable 

Due to their exceptional durability, acrylic sheets can also be used in corrosive environments that would normally damage glass. Acrylic sheets are the most suitable choice for any project you have in mind. We provide affordable services in cutting and acrylic display. So if you’re on the lookout for high-quality acrylic sheets in Australia, look no further than Plastic Direct.

What Else Do We Offer?

Materials For Your Next Project? Sorted!

If you’re looking for a clear perspex sheet cut to size, we’ve got you covered. At Plastic Direct, we also have clear polycarbonate sheets, HDPE sheets and much more. Explore our full range today!


How do you maintain acrylic sheets? 

Acrylic sheets are often used in the home for various purposes, so it"s important to keep them maintained properly. To get the longest life out of your acrylic sheets, make sure to clean them occasionally with a mild detergent and warm water using a soft cloth or sponge. When you're done, dry completely before storing. If there are any oils or dust particles on the surface of your acrylic sheet, use window cleaner and paper towels to remove them. Be extra careful when cleaning it as abrasive scrubbing can damage the surface, reducing its lifespan considerably. Regular maintenance should help keep your sheets looking in top condition for many years to come!

What are the advantages of acrylic sheets?

Acrylic sheets are an incredibly versatile material with a vast array of practical uses. From home improvement projects to model building, acrylic sheets can make any task easier and more enjoyable. Their superior strength makes them shatter-resistant and weather resistant, so they can withstand the elements without a problem. Plus, they"re lightweight and easy to cut, making any installation process much simpler. Acrylic sheets can be router cut, which is a high-speed process for extra efficiency. Acrylic sheets also come in a wide range of colours and finishes that can be used to create a stunning aesthetic. So if you're looking for a strong yet stylish material that's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use – acrylic sheets are just the thing!

What is the lifespan of acrylic?

Acrylic has been a popular choice of material in many different industries, known for its strength and vibrancy. The lifespan of acrylic is incredibly impressive: it can last up to 20 years without decay with proper care and maintenance. In fact, some types of acrylic can even be recycled in order to create new materials. With the help of advanced fabrication techniques such as chemical tempering, acrylic products are sure to remain at their peak condition for a very long time.

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